axiom, noun: a statement or proposition which is regarded as accepted truth.

theorem, noun: a truth established by means of accepted truths.

First printing of Elements, 1482 / First English translation, with an introduction by John Dee, 1570 / Byrne’s edition, 1847.

The Generative Challenge

Wolfram graph of Euclid's theorem dependencies / Book I Proposition I in Wolfram Language / Book I Proposition I recreated on EUCLID CODE (pa0.bg4.ma0.tr01000.fx10.rn5D.shC0inS90st100rnDE.shC0frC670inS4Cst210rnB2.shT0frA895inD00st200rnCC)

Token Distribution

The EUCLID CODE Fibonacci Token Map, containing 1870 Tokens

The Drop

Mainnet Mints

Euclid#307 / Euclid#394 / Euclid#1823 (Byrne palette)
Euclid#1472 / Euclid#722 / Euclid#1093 (Kirby palette)
Euclid#44 / Euclid#702 / Euclid#1266 (Metro palette)
Euclid#637 / Euclid#893 / Euclid#1033 (Panel palette)
Euclid#946 / Euclid#1123 / Euclid#1343 (Abaporu palette)

Tech Stuff…

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